How to export SSRS reports to XLSX, DOCX file formats


In Office 2007, Microsoft introduced the OOXML file formats (XLSX, XLSM), which come with benefits, such as an increase in the number of rows allowed in a file. Reporting Services reports designed for OfficeWriter allow for exports to the Office 2007 and 2003 file formats.


To export a report in a particular format, you need to explicitly save the report with the format you want to export it as:

  1. Open the report with the OfficeWriter Designer
  2. Click ‘Save As’ on the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar (for Office 2003) or ‘Save’ > ‘Save to disk’ (for Office 2007/2010)
  3. There will be three options for Reporting Definition files: Office 2007(exports to XLSX, DOCX), Office 2007 with macros (exports to XLSM, DOCM), Office 2003 and earlier (*exports to XLS, DOC)
  4. Select Office 2007 to save the RDL
  5. Publish the saved report to the server

Note: Office 2007 (XLSX, DOCX) is only available in OfficeWriter 4.0 and above. Office 2007 with macros (XLSM, DOCM) is only available in OfficeWriter 4.1 and above.

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