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SPC11: Porchetta, Pirouettes and a Whole Lot of Demos

[Jumpshot via the lovely and talented Marcy Kellar]

Unless you’re a vegetarian, teetotaler or Luddite, you’ll find nothing (too)incendiary here, folks! If I had to encapsulate our team’s SPC11experience in three words, they’d be: demos, sessions and networking. Since that is boring and vague, I’m going to break it down by numbers, instead.

24: Terabytes in Yahoo’s cube (from Kamal Hathi’s session “Vision and Strategy of BI”)

50,000: Organizations that signed up for Office365 within two weeks of its launch. So, 2.5% of what Call of Duty Elite got.

324: OfficeWriter Export to Word and Export to Excel demos shown. We were surprised to see that the demand for Word template generation was much higher than that for Excel, as outside the SharePoint world, that proportion is inversed.

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Boston SharePoint Salon: A Shared Mobility

Technology-wise, ours is a nebulous world, but mobile’s increased prominence is one point of certainty. It’s not hard to imagine using our phones to unlock our apartments, start our cars, buy our groceries, record our sleep rhythms, yell at our significant other when he opens that container of Chubby Hubby… And on the business side of things, an increasingly accessible workforce translates into an increasingly accessible workspace. More and more workers have a need for a mobile replica of their brick-and-mortar office: they need to be able to do things like read and approve documents, fill out forms and assign tasks on the fly. In SharePoint, we have a potential vehicle for an empowered mobile workforce, but at this stage, both in-house and third-party offerings are underdeveloped. Continue reading Boston SharePoint Salon: A Shared Mobility

SoftArtisans at SharePoint Saturday The Conference

Mr. Jones Goes to Washington

Plus three more of us, but Ben’s surname is most conducive to Capra-homage. Anyways, this Wednesday through Saturday, the SA Crew is storming das Kapital/Annendale, VA with the lofty intentions of a) getting to know the people behind the avatars, b) talking shop, which in our case translates to demonstrating some of the things you can do when you integrate OfficeWriter into SharePoint, c) learning about everything from Office365 to migration to branding to unicorns, d) blasting our speaker-sourced SPSTCDC playlist all day, urry day. If you have some downtime between sessions, please stop by booth 320 to hang out/bust some moves/ ogle some schmancy SharePoint-to-Office reports with us. Also, if you’re a developer, admin or BI analyst, you should definitely check out Ben’s two sessions on  custom workflow actions and advanced document processing with OfficeWriter in SharePoint: Continue reading SoftArtisans at SharePoint Saturday The Conference

Cloudy with a Chance of SharePoint

There’s been a lot of talk, recently and not so recently, about SharePoint in the cloud, especially with the release of Office 365. Hell, there’s been a lot of talk about cloudification, period (though perhaps not using that particular term). Cloud computing provider CloudShare just finalized a$10 million round of vc funding, Apple is letting users store and stream backups of their iTunes downloads in the iCloud, Google Docs now has pivot tables…From financial and ease-of-use standpoints, it’s easy to see why moving data to the cloud is such an appealing proposition. From a security standpoint, as we witnessed with the Amazon/Playstation hack this year, it’s rather less appealing. And then there’s the current lack of feature paritybetween SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online, and the fact that the latter doesn’t support farm-scoped solutions, full-trust solutions or WebApplication-scoped features. Continue reading Cloudy with a Chance of SharePoint