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Weekend Reading: What You Should Be Reading this Weekend

Credit: HubSpotNews that should be taking up space on your online reader, Kindle, iPad, or other miscellaneous gadgetry.

Data, Data, Data
Public Health: How Does the UK Compare with Europe? Interactive Map
Source: The Guardian
The Guardian‘s Data Blog produces interactive maps and images to visualize interesting data sets. This week they tackled life expectancies and overall health in the UK relative to Europe.

A Gestural Interface for Smart Watches
Source: MIT Technology Review
Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Davis are developing a tiny chip that detects gestures in 3D. The chip is called Chirp, and its goal is to bring gesture controls to an array of devices, including wearable technology such as smart watches.

Circle Raises $9 Million Series A from Accel and General Catalyst to Make Bitcoins Mainstream
Source: TechCrunch 
Will Bitcoins make it after all? Circle, a Boston-based company, is a platform designed to make trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies easier. This is among the highest Series A funding received by startups in the digital currency space so far. See who invested and what this means for the company.

One Million Kids Have Signed Up for the Hour of Code. Let the Geeking Out Commence.
Source: PandoDaily
Mark your calendars for December 9th – 15th, as the week of Computer Science Education begins. During that time, Continue reading Weekend Reading: What You Should Be Reading this Weekend

Truth in Tech Ep. 30: Crowdsourcing a Cure for Cancer

Truth in Tech E30- Crowdsourcing a Cure for Cancer — SkimboxThe power of digital crowds extends beyond kickstarting and vigilanteism. As National Breast Cancer Month draws to a close, we take a look at how scientists are using social platforms and gaming technology to further cancer research. Plus: Oregon Ducks, hackathons, and the origin of symbolic pink.


Truth in Tech Ep 27: The Future of Advertising

Native ads. Brands as publishers. #BreakingBad. Target telling your dad you’re pregnant. Advertising may have lost its 3 martini lunches, but it’s gained a position at the forefront of both high-tech and narrative innovation. On this episode of Truth in Tech, we talk to Hill Holiday‘s Austin Gardner-Smith about the industry’s future, and the cultural and technological shifts behind it.

Truth in Tech E27- The Future of Advertising — Skimbox

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Truth in Tech Ep 25: StackOverflow and the Next Wave of Social Media Networks


When Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky launched StackOverflow  in 2008, the site quickly became the place for programmers to ask and answer questions. Today, one site has become 105, and cryptographers, grammarians, and homebrewers have joined the original core group of programmers. StackOverflow users Nick Martin and Seth Moore guest star as we discuss what might just be the model for the next wave of social networks.

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Want to guest star? Have an interesting tech topic, startup, or story of the week? Email us! Or find us roaming the Twittosphere @elisekovi and @clairedwillett.

Truth in Tech Ep 23: The Quantified Self – Everything in Measuration

This week on Truth in Tech we roped in Mark Moschel and Eugene Granovsky, co-organizers of the Chicago Quantified Self Meetup group and owners of AskMeEvery. As featured in Mashable, LifeHacker and The Next Web, AskMeEvery is a way to track your activities and behaviors over time through daily questions, making you more mindful of the ways in which you spend your time. Listen as Mark and Eugene give us the scoop on translating your life into numbers. Where did it come from? What apps/devices are at the forefront? What are the types of people who track? Should we really be measuring everything?


Truth in Tech Ep. 20: The Internship

So you want to be a programming intern? Take it from these all-star students who’ve maneuvered the tech waters to land hands-on programming internships. They give you the inside scoop on where to look, secret interview questions, and what it’s really like at a summer internship. Listen in on itunes.

Truth in Tech E20: The InternshipTech internships have been getting a lot of play in the news and pop culture lately, but what are they actually like? Our summer interns spill the deets.

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Truth in Tech Ep. 15: The Path Less Taken

Your plumber called. He wants to know about those photos you have to share. The capped social network beloved by designers and San Francisco technorati alike has come under a second round of fire for its spammy adoption practices. On Monday Continue reading Truth in Tech is now on iTunes

Boston April Meetups: What to do for the Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur in You

Credit: www.NewEnglandMagazine.comThe sun is finally peeking through the gray skies of Boston, beckoning Bostonians to emerge from their wintery confines and bebop around the city. Thusly, I set out to find a few meetups for the tech-savvy entrepreneur in you to explore this April. (Disclaimer: I have a bit of a love affair with the New England Research & Development Center here in Cambridge, so forgive me if the recommendations are a bit NERD-centric.)

  1. MozPub Mondays
    1. When: April 1st, 7pm (and every Monday in April thereafter)
    2. Where: Grendels Den, 89 Winthrop St., Cambridge, MA 02138
    3. Description: Connect with other web dev aficionados over a pint for casual discussions on bringing the world of Mozilla to Beantown. First one happens tonight! Don’t miss out.
  2. Dispute Impossible: Build and Run Applications that Bring the Enterprise Together
    1. When: April 17th, 9am – 1pm
    2. Where: Microsoft NERD Center, One Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA 02142
    3. Description: Microsoft, K2, and Atrion plan to show you how to bridge the disparate systems and applications of the enterprise. In this session they will show you how to build and integrate applications across the departments in your company.
  3. Clash of the Clouds: Azure vs. Open Source Cloud Services
    1. When: April 30th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    2. Where: Microsoft NERD Center, One Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA 02142
    3. Description: Bring on the debate. Not your traditional session style, this meetup Continue reading Boston April Meetups: What to do for the Tech-Savvy Entrepreneur in You