How to insert a line break using WordTemplate


To insert a line break in Word, you can press SHIFT+ENTER. This post covers how to insert a Word line break by injecting a newline character into the string of data that will populate a merge field.

Note: You cannot insert a paragraph break by injecting a character into your data. To start a new paragraph, you should use a separate merge field or use the WordApplication class to programmatically modify the document.


In this example, the template has one merge field, called “MyParagraph.”

The following code populates the merge field with two lines of text:

 WordTemplate wt = new WordTemplate(); wt.Open(Server.MapPath("./template.docx")); string[] fields = {"MyParagraph"}; object[] data = {"This is the first line." + '\n' + "This is the second line."}; wt.SetDataSource(data, fields); wt.Process(); wt.Save(Page.Response, "Output.docx", true); 

The populated document will contain a line break wherever ‘\n’ was inserted:

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