Large documents generated by WordWriter do not print correctly


At least two specific separate issues may be caused by Background Printing, an optional feature of Microsoft Word, when printing a long WordWriter-generated document. The first causes Word to report upon opening that there are errors in the document and to ask to repair them; words are then omitted from the printed file and Word crashes while printing. The second causes Word to print only the first few pages of a large document.


Background Printing in Word allows you to continue working in Word while the program is sending a large file to the printer. Unfortunately, it causes a number of issues with some long WordWriter-generated files, as described above. The only effective workaround for these problems is to turn off background printing in Word. To turn off Background Printing, follow these steps:

Word 2007/2010

  1. Go to the Office button (2007) or File tab (2010)
  2. Select Word Options (2007) or Options (2010)
  3. Go to Advanced and then to the Print section
  4. UncheckĀ Print in background

Word 2003

  1. Go to Options
  2. Go to the Print tab and then to the Printing Options section
  3. UncheckĀ Background Printing

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