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Manually Patching Backup Exec Remote Agents

After installing a live update on a backup exec media server, you may be tasked with updating all your Backup Exec remote agents (it is usually mentioned in the release nots of the update/patch). Symantec included a remote agent update tool that can be run from a media server, but occasionally it flakes out (like it did today for me with no explanation in the logs when attempting to update to 12.5 SP3). As long as the patch applied successfully on the media server this method below should work.

How To Patch BE Remote Agents Manually

Warning: I only tested this with BE Remote Agents for Windows!
  1. Copy the RAWSx32 (or RAWSx64) folder from the BE Media Server (located @ C:\Program Files\Backup Exec\Agents) to any server that requires the agent update.
  2. Open the Updates directory (in the RAWS32 folder) and find the most recent .msp file (MS patch file).
  3. Run that .msp file
    • You’ll may have to restart after applying.
  4. You can verify that the patch applied successfully a few different ways.
    • Rerun the remote agent update tool against the server. If it was updated then it should pop up a msg indicating so. I guess it is useful for something!
    • Compare the BE remote agent version on the media server against the server you updated by right clicking About the BE remote agent utility on the each box.