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Beneath the Surface: Why Windows 8 Isn’t Completely Doomed

Photo Credit: ExtremeTech.com

Now that you’ve all groaned over my “punny” choice of title for this post, let’s get down to it!

In my post on why I think Windows 8 is like the Water Bear, I voiced some concerns over adopting Windows 8 for desktop PCs and how that would impact my ability to perform my current job.  Here’s a quick rebuttal to why I think Windows 8 isn’t completely doomed, especially when paired with the Surface tablet:

Sharing and Consuming is easy on Windows 8

After I finally relented and got a tablet (a Nook – before I was running out of shelf space for my books), I realized that I spent most of my content consumption time on my tablet. It was easy enough to watch a video, look out for e-mail notifications, or Facebook updates while reading a book. The Windows 8 Metro mode is better for sharing content or getting quick glance updates. This is perfect for when I don’t want to go to my laptop or use my tiny phone screen.

The Surface has a keyboard, for those of us who survive on haptic feedback.

The most prominent complaint I had with modern tablets was the lack of a keyboard.  As a touch-typist, it is literally impossible for me to type with a touch-screen. If I can’t generate written content, this takes away half of the usefulness of a tablet.

Luckily, the Surface has a keyboard that easily stores away when you’re not using it.  It’s also not a detached accessory, so it (hopefully) has the same stability that a laptop has, with all the bonuses of a touch-tablet.

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