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Solving the ‘double hop’ issue using Secure Store

[Image via Fabian Williams]

Last week I was working on some ASP.NET web forms that generated internal reports against MS CRM using ExcelWriter and I wanted to port the application to one of our SharePoint instances. Though it seemed simple at first, I ran into a few issues. One of the issues happened to be authentication related. It was a typical ‘double hop’ problem where this SharePoint instance was using integrated Windows NTLM authentication and my code was trying to access the CRM SQL Server database. By nature, NTLM is unable to pass the credentials to the database thus producing access errors. (You can find more information on the NTLM issue and using Kerberos as a solution here.)

Since we don’t have Kerberos configured on this environment, our best solution was Secure Store. This service allows a user to authenticate with domain credentials and then use an account established in Secure Store to access the database. In our case, this was the read-only CRM account. This also enables easy to use and convenient access control using AD groups. Continue reading Solving the ‘double hop’ issue using Secure Store