5 PowerPoint Professionals You Should be Following

PowerPoint is not an easy skill to master. Behind every great PowerPoint are hours of design, sweat, and tears. Thankfully, there are bright PowerPoint experts in our midst, here to alleviate any undue stress, caused by that last minute slide update before an important client meeting. Whether you need to learn the techniques for planning a presentation or putting together a well-developed slide deck, these are resources you should have in your back pocket. Below are 5 presentation and PowerPoint experts you should be following, if you’re not already.

1. Geetesh Bajaj – Indezine

Created by Geetesh Bajaj, Indezine is a site dedicated to providing the tools and resources any PowerPoint user needs to execute an effective PowerPoint presentation. Reviews, interviews with professionals in the field, as well as add-in recommendations, Indezine provides a roadmap to getting started with and mastering PowerPoint.

2. Cole Nussbaumer – Storytelling with Data

Storytelling with Data is run by Cole Nussbaumer. Her goal? “To rid the world of ineffective graphs, one exploding pie chart at a time.” With a focus on data visualization, Nussbaumer assists individuals and companies in finding the most effective ways of representing their data. Her underlying principle is that the data should tell a clear story, and she provides tips on just how to make that happen.

3. Nancy Duarte – Duarte Design

If you want to know about presentation design, you need to know Nancy Duarte. Passionate about visual storytelling, Duarte has authored several books, one being Slide:ology: the Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. You may recognize some of her work on Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Follow her on Twitter.  Listen to her TED Talk.

4. Sandra Johnson – PowerPoint Wiz

As a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Sandra Johnson brings her 20-year marketing background to assist enterprise companies in creating business-worthy presentations. Focusing on presentation as an art form, Sandra helps her clients communicate their message succinctly.

5. Dave Paradi – Think Outside the Slide

Dave Paradi is the author of 7 PowerPoint presentation books, as well as a consultant on giving an effective PowerPoint presentation. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and he has worked on prominent presentations, including one used to brief President Obama’s cabinet ministers.  His workshops provide ways in which professionals can communicate their message clearly and effectively, and his site is brimming with free resources to get you started.

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