SPC11: Porchetta, Pirouettes and a Whole Lot of Demos

[Jumpshot via the lovely and talented Marcy Kellar]

Unless you’re a vegetarian, teetotaler or Luddite, you’ll find nothing (too)incendiary here, folks! If I had to encapsulate our team’s SPC11experience in three words, they’d be: demos, sessions and networking. Since that is boring and vague, I’m going to break it down by numbers, instead.

24: Terabytes in Yahoo’s cube (from Kamal Hathi’s session “Vision and Strategy of BI”)

50,000: Organizations that signed up for Office365 within two weeks of its launch. So, 2.5% of what Call of Duty Elite got.

324: OfficeWriter Export to Word and Export to Excel demos shown. We were surprised to see that the demand for Word template generation was much higher than that for Excel, as outside the SharePoint world, that proportion is inversed.

60+: Days until Denali drops

117: Duck confit frites consumed during the SPC Social

6: Moscow mules consumed at BCJonesey’s urging during the same

21: Salmon roe per ikura roll (discovered during #sharesushi, which was orchestrated by Janis Hall, Ruven Gotz and Anders Rask)

6: Afterhours events attended:

  • BlackBerry’s Club SPC (sidenote: who knew pre-dinner Black Eyed Peas moshing was possible?!)
  • SPC Social
  • Red Party
  • ShareSushi
  • Disneyland
  • Oktoberfiesta

Many thanks to all the organizers and sponsors!

5: Video recaps shot (check them here )

5:2:1 ratio of iPads to Android tablets to other tablets in audience in Jeremy Campbell and Quin Nikel’s session “Got iPads, Android tablets, smart phones, and Windows devices? Managing Office 2010 Endpoints in an Interoperable and Multi-device world

4 tables, 3 cabs, 2 dance floors and 1 amusement park’s worth of new friends. Specific shout-outs to:

  • Jay O’Hara (b | t)
  • Ruven Gotz (b | t)
  • Joel Oleson (b | t)
  • Brian Lalacette (b | t)
  • Jason Himmelstein (b | t)
  • Erica Toelle (b | t)
  • Troy Brittain (b | t)
  • Richard Harbridge (b | t)
  • James Sturges (b | t)
  • Owen Allen (b | t)
  • Steve Wong (b | t)

3: Attempts before I nailed my Heisman jumpshot

(1: Attempt before I nailed Varosky in the mouth with a Nerf gun)

2: #Htub sessions with the Jornata crew

2: Treks through the Indiana Jones line before getting to the entrance

1: Playbook bequeathed to Ken Barnett (b| t)

0: Bars broken by my dance moves

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