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FileUp Website Design: Before and After Photos

The SoftArtisans homepage wasn’t the only site to receive a recent makeover. FileUp, our file transfer product which assists both corporations and individual developers in transferring their files securely, was treated to a face lift as well. Consistent with the deeper tones of the SoftArtisans homepage, the FileUp homepage is now live and sitting pristinely on Drupal.

Don’t let first glance fool you. Aside from simply the more aesthetically appealing aspects of the redesign, there are several bonus features as well. Among them is the added email functionality, where you can enter your email address and receive information back about the products you own. This is especially handy if you’re having difficulty remembering items you’ve already purchased. In addition to the email option, we drop-kicked the panel menus and replaced them with a sleeker drop-down navigation system, making the user-experience a much more pleasurable one.

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New SoftArtisans Website Design

So fresh and so clean. The SoftArtisans website got a makeover – nay, an overhaul. The hard work of our designers Christiana and Jon produced a site worthy of praise. No longer hosted on Yahoo!, the site features new and improved navigation, a slick layout and custom graphics in order to create a more user-friendly environment. Gone are the days of the unattractive panel menus and outdated feel. The new layout incorporates a custom slider, more ways to follow and connect with us through social media and a new theme for the blog to match. Before the site’s demise, designer Christiana caught a screenshot so you could view the dramatic change. See below for the before and after shots and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
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