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Drupal on Windows: Using SQL Server Merge Replication

In my first “Drupal on Windows” blog post, I wrote about using Windows authentication with SQL Server. That’s a recommended best practice for SQL Server in any production environment. So with the knowledge that Drupal can run on Windows technologies in a production environment, how can we scale Drupal to achieve high availability? How do we move beyond a single web farm?

One solution is:

  • Geographically dispersed web farms using Global Load Balancing
    • Each web farm resides in it’s own data center
    • Each web farm utilizes it’s own SQL Server instance
  • SQL Server Merge Replication
    • Keep the database in each web farm in sync, so the served content is identical

SQL Server Merge Replication

Setting up merge replication (and global load balancing) is beyond the scope of this blog post, but there are lots of great instructions out there. I would recommend the following reading for those not familiar with merge replication: Continue reading Drupal on Windows: Using SQL Server Merge Replication

Modifying the “Action If Name Is in Use Field” for a Merge Replication Article

The “Action if name is in use” field controls what happens to an article’s contents, at the subscriber, when a snapshot is reinitialized. The default setting (with merge replication) is to drop the existing object and create a new one. The problem is that all permissions on that object are also dropped. Fortunately, we can choose another option that will truncate(delete) the data in the object without the removing the permissions. There are a few caveats to this solution. It doesn’t work with articles that are stored procedures (keep the object unchanged is the only other supported option), you have to use transact-SQL to preform the change, and it’s a one way trip (meaning you can’t change back to the previous setting) without recreating the publication.

An alternative solution is to leave the default setting and create a script to reapply the permissions on the object after it has been dropped. In our case, we use this alternative for articles that are stored procedures. Continue reading Modifying the “Action If Name Is in Use Field” for a Merge Replication Article