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SSL Certificates, Blackberries, BES, and SilverDust


Potential connection issues can occur between the SilverDust server, BES, and SilverDust blackberry client if SSL encryption is used. We recommended SSL be used in every production SilverDust environment to encrypt SharePoint content between SD Server and the BES/blackberry.

This post also serves as a general guide for accessing any SSL enabled website from the blackberry.

The Handshake

There are two ways a blackberry can complete a SSL handshake. The first option, called proxy mode, allow’s the BES to complete the handshake on a blackberry’s behalf. The second option, called handheld mode, allows the blackberry to directly complete the handshake.

Handheld Mode

To enabled handheld mode change the TLS default setting on the blackberry. This setting can be adjusted on the handheld by navigating to options->security options->advanced security options->TLS Default->change the setting between proxy and handheld. The default is proxy mode or set an IT policy value to force handheld mode. Continue reading SSL Certificates, Blackberries, BES, and SilverDust

How to Disable MDS-CS on a Per-User Basis

Any BES administrator who has migrated their BES environment from 4.1 to 5.0 can see the extensive changes made in the central blackberry management interface. I’ve found it difficult at times to find certain options in the new BAS console. Today, I was looking for the option to turn off MDS-CS for a specific user in other words I wanted to keep the user from browsing the internet/intranet from their blackberry. The MDS user component has been renamed External Services and can be found under the component information of a BES user account.