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A Departmental-Based IT Strategy

Traditionally, a disconnect exists between IT and business operations. Departments don’t understand IT processes and IT doesn’t understand departmental workflow and procedures. Committees, task forces, and “super teams” may remedy this issue on a short term basis for a joint project where both sides receive a narrow view into each other’s underpinnings, but focus can be lost after project implementation as both parties shift attention to new priorities.

The solution to this problem may be simple. Each department or several combined departments, depending on company size, employ dedicated IT personnel to service their IT needs. This strategy does not remove the need for a centralized IT department. Core IT services (i.e. email, networking, hardware, security) need to remained centralized to ensure operational consistency across the organization. Instead, departmental IT Pros will implement and directly support departmental applications, cloud based or otherwise. They will be the bridge between the department and IT when projects require internal IT resources. Most of all they will posses integral departmental knowledge and savvy IT wisdom that will help drive future business directives while breaking down the business IT barrier.