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How to Land a Job the Startup Way

Photo Credit: http://blog.atrinternational.com/
Photo Credit: http://blog.atrinternational.com/

It’s the morning after the lay-off. Where do you start your job search? Most likely, you sent out status updates to your networks and now your inbox is filling up with leads, recruiters and job searching tools. A moment of reflection sets in, thinking it might be best to work on that resume first. You quickly dismiss the thought and rush a resume over to everyone.

With a sense of great accomplishment, you sit back, relax and think this isn’t so bad.  Before you know it, you are daydreaming best tactics and strategies to negotiate job offers. There’s someone knocking at the door and it’s your “Reality Check” that was delivered FedEx. Here is actually how this scenario plays out after your rushed updated resume reaches its destination:  1) Resume arrives with grammar and/or spelling errors; and my personal all-time favorite is 2) You receive a call from the company that you have not researched or even read the job description.

Now that you know exactly what you should NOT do to get started, let’s launch your job search the right way: startup style in 3 steps!

1. Resume / Online Profiles

Employers Google their candidates.  Feel free to comment on this topic, it’s not the focus of this post, it’s just a fact.  For quite some time, there are leading publications discussing how social media is replacing the traditional resume.  Not convinced on the power of your online profile? Sorry, game over. It’s that simple. It’s proven employers are looking for that personal branding message and your passion.

You will still need a traditional resume. Less is more and the recommended format is Continue reading How to Land a Job the Startup Way