Deploying a BlackBerry Application OTA in IIS

You can get an application to your BlackBerry in four different ways.

  1. (OTA -Over The Air) Host the application files on a web server and browse to them from the phone
  2. put the application files onto a SD card and load it on the device
  3. load the application onto the phone using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  4. push the application to the phone using the BES

There are three different types of files that you will use to install the application on your phone.

Manifest files.

You will need one or the other depending on the deployment metheod you are going with. These files hold the information on how to install the application on your phone what files are going to be needed to do that.

jad – used for OTA on on device deployment

alx – used for BES and Desktop Manager deployment

The content files.

cod – This holds the compiled java code that makes the application run.

Hosting files in IIS for OTA deployment

Hosting a BlackBerry for deployment in IIS is actually pretty easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Set the folder with the jad and cod files to be a webshared folder
  2. open up the IIS manager ( inetmgr from command prompt)
  3. Go into the properties for the webshare folder you created (right click on the gear looking icon next to the webshare you created and select properties)
  4. click on the HTTP Headers tab
  5. click on the MIME types button near the bottom
  6. click new and enter in these values:
  7. Extension: jad
    MIME type: text/
  8. do the same for these values:
  9. Extension: cod
    MIME type: application/vnd.rim.cod
  10. click OK until all of the properties dialogs are closed
  11. reset IIS ( iisreset from command prompt)
  12. browse to the .jad file from your phone and you will see the download and install dialog

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