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RetroTech Vol 1: Yuri Broze, Datasciencehead at Nomi

[Welcome to RetroTech, a joint blog series with Skimbox, where we journey back in time to an era of floppy disks, the Atari 800, and that unmistakable clicking sound of dial-up. We’re digging up the good ol’ days with interviews from tech’s most staunch patrons and giving you a glimpse of their technological firsts.]

Interviews with TechFrom Proust and his madeleines to Buzzfeed and early Britney, if there’s one thing that unites us, it’s our shared affection for nostalgia. And tech nostalgia is, at least in our opinion, a particularly rich strain, because it combines memories with cluck-tongued humor. So we decided to mine it with RetroTech, an interview series about personal technological firsts.

To kick of the series, we turned to Yuri Broze. Yuri is a number of things, including: maestro of the right and left brains, unicyclist, pianist, and world-class whistler. He may not be the only data scientist with a PhD in Music Psychology, but he is the only one we know.

First screen name: dkcrulz. Short for “Donkey Kong Country Rules.” Yuri picked it up at age 11, in 1994, right after Donkey Kong Country came out.

First email address: dkcrulz@aol.com.

First computer: An IBM Compatible running MS DOS. “I would write poetry on it and have every other line come back ‘bad command or file name.’”

First video/computer game: Lemonade Stand for Apple 2. (Ed — this looks like the least fun computer game ever, and I say that as a person who wrote an execrable version of Pong.) Continue reading RetroTech Vol 1: Yuri Broze, Datasciencehead at Nomi

This Week in Tech

Truth in Tech Series

Claire and I filter through a lot of news on the interwebs. While not all of the stories are pertinent to what we do here at SoftArtisans and Riparian Data (see Gander and OfficeWriter), there is still a mind-boggling amount of industry articles worth talking about. To keep them from rattling around in our subconscious and to stay up-to-date on the latest trends (and because Claire and I don’t hang out nearly enough), a new series was born. Every week we’ll bring you an unbiased perspective on the ever-changing technology landscape, covering industry topics from mobile to startups to news you may have missed. So join the conversation as we talk acquisitions, new apps worth using, and anything else that tickles our fancy.

With two videos under our belts, we’re talking Instagram, Zipcar, and Continue reading This Week in Tech

Cookie Wars: What do OfficeWriter, Baked Goods, & Technology Have in Common?

In case you haven’t noticed just yet, along with playing around in .NET and working with Microsoft Office reports, we enjoy food here. This year we’re incorporating both of these passions into a new company-wide challenge to ring in the new year. And this time it involves cookies! Both the kind on your computer and the edible ones that are ever so plentiful this time of year.

The Challenge: Break out and dust off your to-die-for cookie recipes with those secret ingredients handed down from Meemaw to her kids to you, the kind you pull out at parties to impress your friends, the kind people will be talking about at company holiday parties for years to come. Represent your cookie, secret recipe, or baking process using technology (bonus points and automatic win for incorporating technologies that power OfficeWriter.) Example: Create a report in Excel outlining your recipe, code your recipe in Chef (see what we did there), tweet out a line of your recipe every hour on the hour, etc. You can play along at home as well. Post a link to your project in the comments section below and perhaps there will be a little swag in it for you.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Who will win?


Dan: CEO. Pub trivia master.

Alison: Product Owner. Pivot Table extraordinaire.

Kate: Technical Services. SharePoint guru.

Nick: IT. Breaks things. Fixes things. And repeat. Continue reading Cookie Wars: What do OfficeWriter, Baked Goods, & Technology Have in Common?