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Events: Spring 2013 Career Fairs

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Coming to a college near you. We’re Looking for swashbuckling, creative college grads with object-oriented programming under the belts, a penchant for amassing new skills, and who don’t mind a few board games and BBQs. Think you’ve got the coding chops to work in this dynamic office environment? Then we want to meet you.

We’re big on hands-on learning and career development. In years past we’ve had interns work on product demos, pick up a new programming language, and share their expertise on our blog. Have a question? Ask it. Have an opinion? State it. Have an idea? Run with it.

Got you curious? Let our Technical Services team give you an inside look at this eclectic group and the types of projects you could be working on in this video.

Who we are: SoftArtisans is a leading developer of Microsoft Office reporting software. As a key Microsoft partner, SoftArtisans delivers award-winning products to over 20,000 clients in over 70 countries. We’re a company founded on brains not gimmicks and we aim to keep it that way.

Find out more about internship and career opportunities at SoftArtisans and how to join the SA Crew (and get in on those BBQs) by interacting with us on all of the usual social media hotspots or visiting one of the career fairs below. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Spring Career Fairs

Olin College

Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Continue reading Events: Spring 2013 Career Fairs

Cookie Wars: What do OfficeWriter, Baked Goods, & Technology Have in Common?

In case you haven’t noticed just yet, along with playing around in .NET and working with Microsoft Office reports, we enjoy food here. This year we’re incorporating both of these passions into a new company-wide challenge to ring in the new year. And this time it involves cookies! Both the kind on your computer and the edible ones that are ever so plentiful this time of year.

The Challenge: Break out and dust off your to-die-for cookie recipes with those secret ingredients handed down from Meemaw to her kids to you, the kind you pull out at parties to impress your friends, the kind people will be talking about at company holiday parties for years to come. Represent your cookie, secret recipe, or baking process using technology (bonus points and automatic win for incorporating technologies that power OfficeWriter.) Example: Create a report in Excel outlining your recipe, code your recipe in Chef (see what we did there), tweet out a line of your recipe every hour on the hour, etc. You can play along at home as well. Post a link to your project in the comments section below and perhaps there will be a little swag in it for you.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Who will win?


Dan: CEO. Pub trivia master.

Alison: Product Owner. Pivot Table extraordinaire.

Kate: Technical Services. SharePoint guru.

Nick: IT. Breaks things. Fixes things. And repeat. Continue reading Cookie Wars: What do OfficeWriter, Baked Goods, & Technology Have in Common?

How to Export a SharePoint List to Word Using Word Export Plus

We asked EMC’s Paul Forsthoff (b|t) to give us his honest opinion of OfficeWriter’s Word Export Plus solution. IOHO, he did a masterful job. The full review is available on his Everything SharePoint blog.

I recently had the opportunity to check out SoftArtisans OfficeWriter product. The OfficeWriter product exposes an API that allows information from custom ASP.NET applications to be consumed and used to dynamically and programmatically build Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The OfficeWriter API is a .NET library that allows you to read, manipulate and generate Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents from your own applications. The OfficeWriter product can integrate with Sharepoint 2010 allowing you to export Sharepoint list data into Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

SoftArtisans provides easy to understand sample code, videos and pre-built Sharepoint solutions that make getting started with the product very trivial.

For this tutorial I’ll demonstrate deploying, configuring and testing Word Export Plus in a Sharepoint 2010 environment. Word Export Plus is a SharePoint solution that demonstrates the usage of the OfficeWriter API in SharePoint 2010. This solution adds a new context menu (custom action) button to list items, allowing you to export the list data to a pre-formatted Word template that can be designed yourself in Word, or automatically generated by Word Export Plus. [Read more…]