Cookie Wars Participant: Alison

On the heels of the successful pumpkin pie extravaganza, 12 brave volunteers will present their finest at a banquet in one week.¬†Before the banquet, we’re holding the Cookie War Challenge:¬†where all of the participants will use technology (bonus points and automatic win if they incorporate the technologies used to power OfficeWriter) to represent their cookie, recipe, or baking process. For example, code your recipe in Chef.

As the cookie contest organizer, I decided to kick it off and use Excel VBA and conditional formatting to represent my entry (Peanut Butter Cookies).

How I did it: I made a macro that updates the timer; then layered conditional formats to darken the cookies based on particular time intervals. For fun, I hooked up buttons so it works with multiple batches. You can grab a copy of the workbook here: BakingCookies.xlsm.

Since it contains macros, we have some screen shots of the workbook in action if you don’t want to run the workbook on your machine.


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