Truth in Tech Ep 11: Girls Don’t Make Passes at Creeps Who Wear (Google) Glasses

Our weekly series, Truth in Tech, is now a podcast! So you can listen at your convenience – at your desk or on-the-go.

Claire and I wade through a lot of tech news. Usually we tweet about what we’re reading, but 140 characters doesn’t leave room for much nuance. So here we gather the most interesting tech stories from startups to tech giants to acquisitions to delightful new apps, and breakdown what they all mean for the startup scene. On the slate this week:

Yahoo! acquires Summly  (created by a then 15-year-old boy) for $30 million.

Plus, shocker: 15-year-old boys kinda suck at media relations. Gawker reams the poor entrepreneur and publishes his less than stellar emails.

In Boston: Hubspot Acqui-hires 2 companies on their way to an IPO.

In New York: 500 Startups opens an office/coworking space.

YCombinator’s 2013 Demo Dayinvokes, well, crickets.

PayTangowants to bring payment to your fingertips by connecting your credit card to your fingerprint.

Let them have Glass:Project Glass gave 8,000 Tweeters the chance to be the first to purchase Google Glass…and then said just kidding.

Study confirms hackers really are lonely men who live in their parents’ basements.

Product of the week: Fuel
Charges your phone, is the size of a quarter, and (bonus) is shaped liked a gas can. Adorable.

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