SPTechCon’s Top Tweets, Vol. 1

While we aren’t rolling into the ‘Con until tomorrow morning, the party has definitely already gotten started. I know, right? Sounds impossible, and yet a quick search for #sptechcon on twitter says otherwise. Tweets have ranged from the informative recap to the feed-me-seymour to the cheerleader. Below, a few of my favorites:

  • @timferro Great #InfoPath session at #SPTechCon @cwheeler76 ! I now only dislike it rather than my previous outright loathing!
  • @Chomp1313 Loving #sptechcon but lack of chocolate may be a problem
  • @buckleyplanet @gvaro + Lady Gaga meat outfit = #SPTechCon lightning talks tonight at 5pm
  • @sitwalkstand Useful tool for explaining “virtual folders” and metadata in SP is Excel filter feature to create a SP view #sptechcon
  • @lefteyes: The base metaphor for document management is a filing cabinet. Why are we still using 1950 tech to organize info in 2011? #sptechcon
  • @jthake Gate crashed @pswider’s Dev session at #sptechCon he has his start bar at top!?!
  • @Global360IncBPM Dilbert attending #SPTechCon “Lightning Talk” 5:15pm w/ Mark Miller @EUSP who will read a 4 min. fairy tale
  • @DougHemminger I don’t understand “Never Virtualize SQL in SharePoint”. Isn’t it a cost/benefit decision? Maybe it’s worth it. Never say never.
  • @dannyjessee One subject on which we can all agree: beating up on the virtualization guys! @ShanesCows @toddklindt @timferro #SPTechCon
  • @sympmarc: Explaining ROI for “collaboration” no different than for “KM” back in the 1990s. Hard to do, but possible. Anecdotes count.
  • @pampered_girl: note to self – Bostonian definition of a “short walk” is not the same as mine!
  • @JanisHall: In Joshua Haebets session – He only sounds funny cuz he’s from Australia ;)

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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