SPTechCon’s Top Tweets, Vol. 2

So tweeps at the ‘Con have definitely gotten past the point where I can keep up. Meaning, perchance you tweeted something ah-mazing, and I missed it, and thus you missed your chance to be immortalized here. Mea culpa! Talk to me at tonight’s SharePint–perhaps I’ll let you beat me in a plank-off.

  • @mikegil Best tweet of #sptechcon from my 20 y/o nephew, just lurking: “Everyone here looks like you.” Compliment? Jab? If so, to whom?
  • @BCJonesey: back of @cmcnulty2000 session = tweep-ville, glad I wore my glasses @janishall @mikegil #SPTechCon #Nerds
  • @DougHemminger Just heard @WonderLaura refer to a “G – U – I – D” instead of “Gooid”…Is “Gooid “a developer pronounciation? #SPTechCon
  • @lefteyes: “Everyone likes rainbows and ponies” #SPtechCon
  • @TiffanyWI: All the cool #SharePoint kids are at #sptechcon
  • @lefteyes Excellent session with @speheather CSS should stand for Crazy Sexy Style #SPtechCon
  • @joeloleson: Failed attempt at planking in the speaker room at #SPTechcon http://flic.kr/p/9PK2kN by @sadalit
  • @sadalit The SharePint Maturity Model, beta – @softartisans @EUSP @davecoleman146 – http://bit.ly/SPintMaturity – @buckleyplanet contributed to 500.
  • @tigertoy @joeloleson #SPTechcon how in the world do you sleep like that? hypnotism and convince yourself you’re a stiff board and cannot bend?
  • @SPMan07: @meetdux In session w/ @meetdux. Really great session! Y’all missed a good one!
  • @Josh_A_McCarty: Good stuff by @Sadalit #SPMaturity model #sptechcon
  • @helloitsliam @andrewconnell #SPTechCon use =rand() in word to get random filler content in Office 2010!!
  • @planetrussell Interested in #SharePoint? Not into MA tornadoes? Here’s #SPTechCon #Boston’s tweetstream for days 1-3: http://is.gd/iSTPPa
  • @galegovision: Somebody call @sharepoint911, @WonderLaura fire burning on the dance floor #sptechcon


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