#Undertime BostonFest Contest: Fight Email Overload, Win a POP Phone

*Cross-posted from Riparian Data, a startup incubated out of SoftArtisans.

What’s the single best part of your workday? Work night? Weekend? It’s checking your inbox, right? Oh. It’s not? But you spend 13 hours a week dealing with email! You and your ‘box should be besties by now!

Pardon? “Enemies?” Did you really say that?

Way harsh, Ty.

But, seeing as it’s your work/life and I’m just interrupting it, Imma throw you a bone. Or, rather, a Pop phone.

Here’s what you need to do to get it:

1) Attend BostonFest. Which you should be doing anyways, because, hello: city pride + cool startups +Gentlemen Hall + lots of beer = a way better-than-average Thursday night.

2) Answer the following question:

Assuming some magical service came along that slashed your email time in half, what would you do with the extra 6.5 hours?

Tweet your answer to us (@ripariandata) using the hashtag #undertime. (You can turn it into a bashtag if so inclined, but it may take you out of the running.) Our fine panel of judges (including @schneidermike@patticus,@jenreddy27, and @newenglandvc, among others) will pick the 7 winners, and announce them on Twitter midway through BostonFest.  If you’re among them, tweet at yours truly (@clairedwillett), our talent rep @paulamarciante, or our social media specialist @elisekovi to claim your loot. You can also use your eyes–the three of us will be wearing “Free Your Inbox” tees.

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