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Staff Picks: Apps to Use, News to Read on the Commute

Credit: tjba.comOnce a week I snoop around the office, bothering my coworkers with questions on what they’re reading, listening to, consuming, or any other random inquiries I’d like to subject them to. Sometimes they even respond.

The questions:
 1. What did you read this week?
2. What is the latest app you are all excited about?
The answers:

David, CEO of Riparian Data

1. Reality is Broken

2. We’ve used GroupMe pretty extensively this week at SXSW and it has worked out well. GroupMe is a free group messaging app for your mobile device.

Christina, User Experience Designer

1. Would you buy Gucci off your Smartphone?

2. Little Inferno has been fun over the weekend. It takes about 15min of play before getting into the story line though.

Ozgur, Software Engineer
1. I read this article on Mysterious Bacterium Found in Antarctic Lake. Although, I just saw this blog post that disputed it, saying there was not actually a new bacteria. So now I don’t know what to believe.
2. Although it is not an “app,” I have been looking into the functional programming language F#.

Kristen, Sales Rep

  1. Florida Anglers Liven up Spring Break by Reeling Sharks onto the Beach
  2. Poshmark. It’s like ebay for clothes, but much easier.

Annie, Executive Account Manager

1. What Most School’s Don’t Teach by Code.org

2. Seconds – interval timer/training


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