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23 Lessons from SharePoint Saturday the Conference

This past Thursday-Saturday, Alison, Nick, Ben and I repped SoftArtisans and OfficeWriter at the inaugural SharePoint Saturday The Conference. Between speaking engagements, vlogging, dance parties and running demos on OfficeWriter’s SharePoint integration, there wasn’t a whole lot of downtime, but as Sandy Ussia told me, “I’ll sleep next week.” (Plus, unless you have Freudian recall, sleeping makes for a boring blog post.) Many attendees and speakers have already published their recaps, but this one is coming to you fashionably late, in a fashionable list.


1.       If you don’t have anything nice to say, look up. The cloud was definitely this conference’s hot topic, with everyone from Mary Jo Foley to Jeremy Thake to Joel Ward weighing in. One takeaway: Microsoft’s in-the-works Online Services Delivery Platform will bring all the hosted services into one infrastructure. Maybe it’ll be accessible through a browser-based tool bar, too. Continue reading 23 Lessons from SharePoint Saturday the Conference

SoftArtisans at SharePoint Saturday The Conference

Mr. Jones Goes to Washington

Plus three more of us, but Ben’s surname is most conducive to Capra-homage. Anyways, this Wednesday through Saturday, the SA Crew is storming das Kapital/Annendale, VA with the lofty intentions of a) getting to know the people behind the avatars, b) talking shop, which in our case translates to demonstrating some of the things you can do when you integrate OfficeWriter into SharePoint, c) learning about everything from Office365 to migration to branding to unicorns, d) blasting our speaker-sourced SPSTCDC playlist all day, urry day. If you have some downtime between sessions, please stop by booth 320 to hang out/bust some moves/ ogle some schmancy SharePoint-to-Office reports with us. Also, if you’re a developer, admin or BI analyst, you should definitely check out Ben’s two sessions on  custom workflow actions and advanced document processing with OfficeWriter in SharePoint: Continue reading SoftArtisans at SharePoint Saturday The Conference