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Truth in Tech Ep. 30: Crowdsourcing a Cure for Cancer

Truth in Tech E30- Crowdsourcing a Cure for Cancer — SkimboxThe power of digital crowds extends beyond kickstarting and vigilanteism. As National Breast Cancer Month draws to a close, we take a look at how scientists are using social platforms and gaming technology to further cancer research. Plus: Oregon Ducks, hackathons, and the origin of symbolic pink.


Truth in Tech Ep 27: The Future of Advertising

Native ads. Brands as publishers. #BreakingBad. Target telling your dad you’re pregnant. Advertising may have lost its 3 martini lunches, but it’s gained a position at the forefront of both high-tech and narrative innovation. On this episode of Truth in Tech, we talk to Hill Holiday‘s Austin Gardner-Smith about the industry’s future, and the cultural and technological shifts behind it.

Truth in Tech E27- The Future of Advertising — Skimbox

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