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Install Error 1316 – A network error occurred when attempting to read from the file


When running the OfficeWriter installer to upgrade to OfficeWriter 4.x or below from an earlier version of OfficeWriter the following error may occur:

Error 1316 – A network error occurred when attempting to read from the file C:\WINNT\Downloaded Installations{EBF98E9A-3A6C-4B10-AB6B-3D9A746A5C35}\SoftArtisans OfficeWriter [version number].msi


It is not possible to install OfficeWriter 4.x or earlier over a previous version with the automatic installer. The previous version must be uninstalled first. This is a known issue with InstallShield, the component used in the OfficeWriter installer.

Note: This only applies to installers for OfficeWriter 4.x and below. Starting in OfficeWriter 8.0, the installer no longer uses InstallShield so the issue no longer applies. However, you should uninstall the previous version of OfficeWriter before installing OfficeWriter 8.x to ensure clean upgrades.

Instructions for removing older versions of OfficeWriter can be found in our documentation:

Designer Error: Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine


After installing the OfficeWriter Designer for Office 2007 or 2010, Excel or Word throws the following error three times when opened:

Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine.

Following the instructions in Designer throws compile error after installing Microsoft August 2012 updates to re-register MSCOMCTL.OCX do not resolve the issue.


In August 2012, Microsoft released Security Bulletin MS12-060 which targeted a security vulnerability in the Microsoft Common Controls SP6 (MSCOMCTL.OCX). As part of the security update, a new version of the library was distributed to all Office 2010 SP1, Office 2007 SP2 and Office 2007 SP3 installations.

The OfficeWriter Designer requires the new version of MSCOMCTL.OCX. If the older version is present, the above error will occur.

To resolve this issue:

This will require admin privileges and we recommend that you consult your IT staff before applying these updates.

1. Install the appropriate service pack to Office 2007 or 2010:

If the latest service pack is not applied, the new version of MSCOMCTL.OCX will not be installed on the machine, even if the security update is run.

To verify that the installation completed successfully, follow the instructions in this How to tell which Office service pack is installed blog post.

2. Download and install the version of the update for your version of Office:

3. If you experience a compilation error when you open Office, try following the instructions in Designer throws compile error after installing Microsoft August 2012 updates to re-register MSCOMCTL.OCX.

Additional Help – Installing Service Packs

Before you can install the service pack, you may need to clear some disk space. Microsoft has an article on Strategies for freeing disk space, which suggests that you Delete files using the Disk Cleanup tool. If you are working on a server OS, such as Windows Server 2008, the Disk Cleanup tool may not be installed. Instructions for how to install the Disk Cleanup tool are outlined in this MSDN forum post.

OfficeWriter Designer toolbar is not visible in Excel or Word


After installing the OfficeWriter Designer, the Designer Add-In is not available in Excel/Word. This may occur if:

  • The OfficeWriter Designer installer was not run
  • The Designer was not installed properly
  • The Designer is currently disabled.


To run the OfficeWriter Designer installer

The OfficeWriter Designer is a component that is redistributible and does not require a license key. There is a separate installer for the OfficeWriter Designer.

The Designer installer is available for separate download from http://www.officewriter.com/product-updates or upon request.

To check if the OfficeWriter Designer was installed correctly:

Make sure that hidden folders are visible:

  • Open a folder and go to Folder options
  • Under ‘Files and Folders’ locate ‘Hidden Files and Folders’
  • Select ‘Show hidden files and holders’

Check the ApplicationData\Microsoft start directories for the Add-In files:

  • For Excel: look for SAExcelTemplateAddIn.xlam in Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART
  • For Word: look for SAWordTemplateAddIn.dotm in Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

If the files are there, the OfficeWriter Designer was installed correctly, but might be disabled. See below for how to re-enable the Designer if it’s been disabled.

If the files are not there, then the OfficeWriter Designer was not installed properly. Try uninstalling the OfficeWriter Designer through Add/Remove programs and try to re-install.

How to re-enable the Designer if it has been disabled:

Office 2007/2010:

  • Go to the Office menu button (2007) or File tab (2010) in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click Excel/Word Options
  • Select Add-Ins from the left menu
  • At the bottom, select ‘Disabled Items’ from the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu.
  • Click Go
  • If the OfficeWriter Designer is there, select and click Enable.

Office 2003:

  • Go to the Help menu and select About Microsoft Office Excel/Word
  • Click Disabled items*
  • If the OfficeWriter Designer is listed, select and click Enable.