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Install Error: Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Download installations{guid}\OfficeWriter 4.x.msi


You recieve an error message when running the OfficeWriter installer on Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 7:

Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Download Installations{guid}\OfficeWriter 4.1.0.msi. The system cannot find the path specified.

This error message may vary slightly depending on your system.


The installer must be run as an administrator. However, being logged in as an administrator does not cause the installer to be run with administrator privileges. You must explictly run it as an administrator.

To run the installer as an administrator, right click the installer and select “Run as Administrator.”

You can also run the installer as the administrator through the Windows Power Shell:

  1. Run Windows Power Shell as an administrator
  2. Within Windows Power Shell, navigate to the directory containing the OfficeWriter installer.
  3. Use the command .\OfficeWriter-Installer-4.1.0.exe. Note that the name of the installer file used in the command will vary depending on the version of OfficeWriter you are installing.

Install Error 1316 – A network error occurred when attempting to read from the file


When running the OfficeWriter installer to upgrade to OfficeWriter 4.x or below from an earlier version of OfficeWriter the following error may occur:

Error 1316 – A network error occurred when attempting to read from the file C:\WINNT\Downloaded Installations{EBF98E9A-3A6C-4B10-AB6B-3D9A746A5C35}\SoftArtisans OfficeWriter [version number].msi


It is not possible to install OfficeWriter 4.x or earlier over a previous version with the automatic installer. The previous version must be uninstalled first. This is a known issue with InstallShield, the component used in the OfficeWriter installer.

Note: This only applies to installers for OfficeWriter 4.x and below. Starting in OfficeWriter 8.0, the installer no longer uses InstallShield so the issue no longer applies. However, you should uninstall the previous version of OfficeWriter before installing OfficeWriter 8.x to ensure clean upgrades.

Instructions for removing older versions of OfficeWriter can be found in our documentation:

Install Error: System appears to have an unrecognized version of J#


The following error is returned while attempting to install OfficeWriter 3.9 or below:

The System appears to have .NET 2.0 and an unrecognized version of J#. Please install J# 2.0 if you wish to use ExcelWriter .NET or WordWriter.

Starting with version 4, OfficeWriter has been written completely in C# and no longer requires the J# runtime. However, customers installing version 3.x of OfficeWriter do need the J# runtime. The version of J# should match the installed version of the .NET framework.


Install the J# redistributable that matches the .NET framework that you are using in your application.

Note: Microsoft has not released a J# redistributable that matches .NET 4.0 framework. To use OfficeWriter with .NET 4.0, you will need to upgrade to OfficeWriter 4 or later.