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Boston Hadoop Meetup Group: The Trumpet of the Elephant

Heheh. But seriously, if you live in the Boston area and are working with Hadoop, or interested in working with Hadoop, or just think the name is fun to say, you should absolutely clear your calendar the night of February 15. Why? Because it’s the first Boston Hadoop Meetup Group since November, and judging by the presenter line-up, it’s going to be a doozie (or an Oozie, if you want to get all topical).

First up, MapR’s Chief Application Architect Ted Dunning (t|l) on using Machine Learning within Hadoop. I’m really excited about this one.

Second, Cloudera Systems Engineer Adam Smieszy (t|l) on integrating Hadoop into your existing data management and analysis workflows.

Last, Hadapt’s CTO Philip Wickline (t|ln) “will give a high-level discussion about the differences between HBase and Hive, and about transactional versus analytical workloads more generally speaking, and dive into the systems required for each type of workload. ”

Each talk will run about 15-20 minutes, with time for Q&A after, followed by (free) beer and mingling.

The Boston Hadoop MeetUp Group is organized by Hadapt’s Reed Shea (t|l). Hadapt is doing some very very cool stuff with unstructured and structured data processing and analytics–cool enough that founder/Chief Scientist Daniel Abadi took teaching leave from Yale to turn his research into a product.

This particular MeetUp is sponsored by Hadapt, MapR, Cloudera and Fidelity, and is being held at Fidelity’s downtown office, from 6 to about 8:30 pm. For more information and to sign up, visit the event page.

See you there!

Ruminants’ Ruminations, or The Coolest Things We Ingested This Year

Another best-of list blog post! Another best-of list blog post whose preface warns you it is a best-of list blog post! So sue me. Or don’t read it. ‘Tis the season, and I’m a copycat.

2011’s been a kind of wild and crazy year, both for us as a company and for the software world as a whole. But rather than do a straight recap, I decided to poll our crew on the hands-down coolest thing/language/trick/product/comestible/visual symphony/regular symphony they’ve ingested this year, and let you extrapolate your own state-of-the-union conclusions from these. Alors:

  • Sean Kermes:
    • Sugru! Sugru is super frigging cool.  It starts life as putty that can be hand-molded at room temperature for a bit upwards of half an hour, then over the next 24 hours it adheres to whatever you stuck it to and becomes a flexible (but tough) and slightly grippy silicone.  I’ve used it to repair and craft drawer and cabinet handles and fix some random crap, and I’m planning on starting to make some custom-fitted mouse grips so that I’m not dragging my fingers across the desk all day. Continue reading Ruminants’ Ruminations, or The Coolest Things We Ingested This Year