Staff Picks: What are you reading?

Once a week I snoop around the office, bothering my coworkers with questions on what they’re reading, listening to, consuming, or any other random inquiries of which I’d like to subject them. Sometimes they even respond.

The question:
1. What did you read this weekend/this morning?
The answers:

Dan, CEO of SoftArtisans

1. List of ingredients on my Entenmann’s raspberry danish twist.

David, CEO of Riparian Data

1. “Who’s in Charge?” by Michael Gazzaniga

Gazzaniga is a neuroscientist explaining how we make decisions

2. A ton of articles on encryption: Elliptic Curves, Learning with Errors, BitMessage

Aviva, VP of Technical Services

1. Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Nick, IT Admin

1. I’ve been reading about Salt, a new type of configuration management tool.

Claire, Marketing and Business Development
1. I read The Making of 158 Marimba by Jacklin Studios
Kelly Jacklin created what became the iPhone’s default text message alert sound in 1999, using LISP, Perl, and MIDI.

Seth, Developer

  1. I read an article by NewScientist about Kindergartens who can program before they can read.

Alex, Programming Intern

  1. Eloquent JavaScript and the Lean Startup

Jim, IT Admin

  1. Daemon by Daniel Suarez

Elise, Content Manager

1. HubSpot’s Blog – “How to Identify Content Topics that Hit Home with Your Readers

*Any articles you found interesting or questions you’d like to see in this blog series? Let us know in the comments section.

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