SPC11 Tweeting Guide: How to Use Twitter to Become Rich, Attractive and Popular

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  1. Do you currently own or have you ever owned a twitter account? If yes:
  2.  Do you use it more than once a month? If yes:
  3. Do you use it as a therapist? If yes, you might want to tone it down a bit.  No one likes a whiner! If no:
  4. Do you use it because you read/heard/saw on The Today Show/Tosh 2.0 that it offers a lot of networking opportunities? If yes:
  5. Do you think you’ve taken advantage of these networking opportunities? If yes, why are you still reading this article? Tweet my headline and get back to networking! If no: read on.

So here’s the deal, would-be networkers: SPC is a huge conference stuffed with “influencers” and “inventors” and “evangelizers” and other people of import. Unless you snag a front row seat at one of their sessions or have a honing pigeon ability that tends to kick in da club, you may not be able to meet these poobahs in real life. But you can meet, shoot the breeze, swap Qwickster jokes and photos of the grandkids, divulge industry secrets etc… with them on Twitter.

“But howwwww do I do that no one likes me sad face going to cry into my spplatypus now,” you say? Here are the steps:

  1. Make a list of sessions you are/would/might go to, and take note of who is speaking at them.
  2. Find these speakers on Twitter. Duh. So you don’t have to do all the legwork, I’ve created SPC lists under our @softartisans and @officewriter accounts–all the speakers with twitter accounts, along with not-speaking-but-still-very-active-in-the-community-slash-cool-people *should* be there.
  3. Talk to these people. Share relevant links with them. Tell them where the Oktoberfiesta is when they ask. Involve them in discussions you’re having with other twitterers. Tell them you’re going to their sessions, even if you’re not. Live tweet their sessions if you do end up attending them.
  4. Work the hashtags. Hashtags are just words/terms made extra-searchable by the addition of a #. If you think of a good one, by all means, unleash it. Some of the current SPC-related ones are:
  • #SPC11
  • #SPC2011
  • #SharePoint
  • #SharePoint2010
  • #WP7
  • #Cloud
  • #BI
  • #SharePint
  • #RedParty
  • #Oktoberfiesta
  • #SPCSocial

6.      If your virtual relationship reaches a comfortable point, suggest meeting for drinks irl. Yep, an old-fashioned business date, culled from a new-fangeled social fest.

For more on revving up your social media game, check out :

And, if you want to hang out with us at the show (in-person and/or virtually), you can:

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