Install Error 1608: Unable to Create InstallDrive Instance. Return code -2147024891


When attempting to run the installer for OfficeWriter 4.x or below, InstallShield returns the error:

1608: Unable to Create InstallDriver Instance. Return code -2147024891.

This error has been known to occur for some users when installing or uninstalling OfficeWriter. According to InstallShield, “Error 1608 is a very system specific issue and is often caused by limited system privileges, incorrect DCOM settings, or another malfunction on the computer.”


In most cases, the instructions in the following InstallShield article resolve this problem. For many of our customers, this error has been resolved by simply following the instructions regarding DCOM Settings (section A). (note: installshield’s website can be very slow sometimes.)

If after trying all of the suggestions in the InstallSheild article, you are unable to install or uninstall OfficeWriter using the automatic installer, you will need to perform a manual installation and/or uninstallation.

Instructions for uninstalling and installing OfficeWriter can be found in our documentation. Although the instructions are labeled for ExcelWriter, the same steps apply to installing WordWriter.

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