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Exporting SQL Server Database Data to Excel


The need to get business data from a SQL Server database (or any other kind of RDBMS for that matter) into Excel for further analysis is universal.  I would venture to say that anyone in any business role from marketer to analyst to salesperson to executive to program manager has had the occasion to say: “I need this data in Excel so that I can crunch it!”

Since getting data into Excel is a common requirement, it stands to reason that there are several different ways to accomplish the task.  For simple, non-stylized, or purely tabular data imports (situations where you don’t really care about styles or fonts or corporate branding) Excel’s out-of-the-box data import solution can be an option.  For more sophisticated scenarios that require a specific look and feel, or something more complex than just straight tabular data dumps there is OfficeWriter.

This article will discuss both methods for getting your data from SQL Server into Excel.

Methods for Exporting Database Data to Excel

As I mentioned there is more than one way to skin the cat here.  Which method you choose depends on what you need to accomplish.

Method 1: Excel-based data access

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