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Adding Headers to a Grouped Spreadsheet


In previous blog posts, I showed how José and Jillian, salespersons with PostOne Bicycles, used the new %%group marker to group and nest hierarchical data from a flat data set. In this tutorial, they will expand upon the concept by introducing headers to help separate each group, using the %%value() marker to show data values in headers and the (hide) modifier to hide data that is already shown in a header.

If you’re not a current ExcelWriter user, you can download a free evaluation and follow along!


This tutorial uses the same code and data as the original blog post. The template used in this tutorial starts where the previous blog post left off.

Adding Headers

Headers in ExcelWriter grouping and nesting are repeated for every new value in a grouped column. José marks the beginning of a header block is by using a %%header marker; the block is marked by the next %%header block (if you have nested headers) or the data marker row, as in this case. Continue reading Adding Headers to a Grouped Spreadsheet