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Webinar: Ghouls, Goblins, and Data

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Learn how OfficeWriter can put data in the hands of your business users.

When: Friday, October 18th at 1 P.M.

In this webinar:

We’re looking at what the average American spends on Halloween each year from costumes to candy to decorations. Importing this data into Excel using OfficeWriter, we’ll see which costumes outrank the rest. Is it Miley Cyrus, your favorite decade garb, or the ever-popular witches and ghosts? We’ll find out, along with what Americans spend on these once-a-year ensembles, mounds of candy, and gobs of decorations. You’ll take away new tricks for creating reports in Excel and maybe a DIY Halloween costume idea or two.

What we’ll cover:

  • Building a report in SSRS from start to finish
  • Using charts and sparklines to display your data
  • Plotting multiple data sets on one graph
  • OfficeWriter’s new .NET designer ribbon for Excel