[Press Release] SoftArtisans Expands its Product Offerings with the Addition of PowerPointWriter


SoftArtisans Expands its Product Offerings with the Addition of PowerPointWriter

SoftArtisans releases OfficeWriter version 9 and introduces a new tool named PowerPointWriter to their .NET API. PowerPointWriter is a template-based approach to generate dynamic PowerPoint presentations.

WATERTOWN, MA – February 26, 2014 – SoftArtisans, a leading developer of Office-based reporting software, announces the release of their newest product version, OfficeWriter version 9. Alongside their OfficeWriter version 9 release, SoftArtisans introduces a new tool called PowerPointWriter, thereby greatly expanding the product portfolio of their enterprise software.

PowerPointWriter is a template-based approach to generating reports. Unlike other tools on the market, PowerPointWriter uses a template model, making it easy for developers to design their reports within PowerPoint and merge them with data using as little as five lines of code. VP of Development, Sam Haddad, comments, “This has been a request from our customers for some time now. One of the things our customers always tell us is that they love our template-based approach to generating Office documents, and wanted the same ability with PowerPoint. So we did just that.” PowerPointWriter takes advantage of the technology behind Excel and Word’s mail merge feature, to make combining customized templates with company data easier.

Along with PowerPointWriter, SoftArtisans adds major developments to their ExcelWriter tool. The most notable of which, is a calculation engine, providing users the ability to calculate the results of formulas (such as SUM, PRODUCT, AVERAGE, VLOOKUP, etc.) in an Excel workbook through the OfficeWriter API. This allows users to view formula-laden Excel spreadsheets across many devices and viewers.

OfficeWriter has long been the trusted software for building Microsoft Excel and Word reports in .NET, without requiring Microsoft Office to be installed on the server. In addition to legacy binary file formats XLS and DOC, OfficeWriter supports OOXML files. With the addition of PowerPointWriter, SoftArtisans has expanded into PowerPoint file formats, including PPTX. As a trusted part of enterprise applications, OfficeWriter is easier to use than the OpenXML SDK, and, unlike automating Office on the server, is scalable and optimized for use in ASP.NET. The new product version is now available for download through their site at www.officewriter.com.


About SoftArtisans
SoftArtisans is a leading developer of Microsoft Office format reporting software. A key Microsoft partner, SoftArtisans delivers award-winning products to over 20,000 clients in more than 70 countries. SoftArtisans also offers a wide range of technical services that enable clients in industries ranging from finance to healthcare to government, to maximize their reporting abilities with OfficeWriter. Headquartered in Watertown, MA, SoftArtisans has been honored as one of North America’s 500 fastest-growing technology companies.

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