Troubleshooting Tools to Give Thanks to this Thanksgiving


[Once a week I snoop around the office, bothering my coworkers with questions on what they’re reading, listening to, consuming, or any other random inquiries I’d like to subject them to. Sometimes they even respond.]

Debug, de-stress. This week we’re giving thanks to these troubleshooting tools that keep us sane. We chose troubleshooting tools not for the alliteration value (though, that was a happy coincidence), but to find time-saving ways you can stay on top of your coding projects this holiday season. See below as we show our appreciation for developer tools we can’t live without. What other tools do you use to debug and de-stress? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

Chad, Sr. Sales Engineer

Fiddler2 helps make debugging web service calls easy.

Paula, Director of HR

Don’t even need to think about that one – System Restore Manager!

Ozgur, Development

I’d definitely list Fiddler and WireShark as some of the top troubleshooting tools that I am thankful for.

Aviva, VP of Technical Services

I mostly use the debugger in Visual Studio or custom code I write myself. Although it’s not a development tool, Procmon can be helpful, for monitoring activities on the filesystem and registry.

Stephanie, Technical Services

Total Commander is great. The program does a ton of stuff, but I really like its “Compare by Content” feature. It lets you compare two files. It’s like an XML diff, but it’s capable of comparing more than just XML, which is super helpful in TS when we need to troubleshoot RDLs and Excel workbooks. It does a better job of comparing files than XML diff or bitbucket source control!

Gabe, Technical Services

Fiddler – it’s a web debugging proxy that logs all your HTTP traffic.  It’s great because you can view and edit HTTP requests sent from your computer, and then resend them.  It makes it much easier to figure out why you are getting bad responses.

Dan, CEO of SoftArtisans

My brain.

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