Meet the Team: Scott

Hello and welcome to our Meet the Team series, in which we aim to give you deeper insight into the minds and personalities of those who make up this eclectic, close-knit group. We are developers, marketers, and technical support engineers, and at work we craft everything from Microsoft reporting APIs to mobile email applications. And outside of work? Let’s just say racing against the machine during hackathons, building architecturally sound beer towers during retros, and paddling down the Charles during the warmer months are simply the beginning.

Meet Scott, a software engineer with a soft spot for sea shanties, strawberries, and sunny days.

1. What do you do?

I write code that does stuff.

2. What are you listening to right now?

Xavier Rudd’s new album: Spirit Bird

3. When you were 5 what did you want to be?


4. Describe your perfect Saturday afternoon in 10 words or less.

Climbing on a sunny day, temps in the low 70s.

5. When did you last laugh?

At some point while writing this up.

6. What 3 things would you bring to a deserted island?

Book of sea shanties, drinking water, a boat.

7. Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Principal Scudworth

8. What is the last thing you bought?

A pint of fresh strawberries from the farmers market.

9. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Using “How’s it going?” (or any other variation) without waiting for a response; we have other greetings, like “Hi” or “Hey.”
Phone number/social security/credit card field that doesn’t allow you to put dashes or spaces.

10. Name something that makes you smile.

Mitch Hedberg

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