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What’s New in OfficeWriter 8.0?

server-side excel generation[cross-posted from officewriter.com]

OfficeWriter 8.0 was just recently released!  So, what’s new in this most significant release of OfficeWriter in a number of years?  Here’s the breakdown:

  • XLSX Support – Complete support for Excel 2007/2010 (XLSX) files in the ExcelApplication API
    • Programmatically create, manipulate, and read XLSX, XLS, and DOC
    • Run on your server with confidence – OfficeWriter is designed for high performance and scale
    • Build sophisticated Excel and Word reporting features into your applications
  • RTF/HTML import – Import arbitrary RTF and HTML documents into Word reports
    • Quickly and easily import markup into Word reports
    • Supports DOCX and DOC files
  • Enhanced documentation – New layout, new organization, new tutorials. We made it easier than ever for developers to find information they’re looking for at http://wiki.softartisans.com Continue reading What’s New in OfficeWriter 8.0?

OfficeWriter 8.0: Getting Started with XLSX in C#

XLSX in OfficeWriter 8.0

We just released OfficeWriter 8.0, and the biggest feature in this release is full support for Excel 2007/2010 files with the OfficeWriter API.  So, if you’ve written OfficeWriter applications that process XLS files, what do you need to do to get started with using XLSX files?  In short, nothing!

We took special care to keep compatibility in mind, so you can largely use the same code to process your XLSX files that you use with XLS.  There are a couple scenarios in which you’ll need to be specific about what you’re using, but they’re mainly around creating new files where you clearly need to tell OfficeWriter what kind of files to create.

Creating New Workbooks

Use the Create method on an ExcelApplication instance to create a new, blank workbook. For back compat, calling Create with no arguments will create an Excel 2003 (XLS) file.  To create an XLSX, pass it a FileFormat enum like this:

Workbook wb = xla.Create(ExcelApplication.FileFormat.Xlsx);

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