Designer Error: Type Mismatch


Selecting Open Report in the OfficeWriter Designer toolbar in Excel displays a type mismatch error.

The type mismatch error occurs when a client machine is configured with regional settings that cause Excel to return it’s version number in a format the designer does not expect. For example, French regional settings by default use the space (” “) digit grouping symbol.


Option 1: Upgrade (recommended)

This issue has been fixed in the OfficeWriter Designer version 4.6.1 and later without the need to adjust regional settings.

Option 2: Adjust the current regional settings for the OS

Navigate to the systems control panel > regional settings. Depending on your operating system this may appear as:

  • Region and Language
  • Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options
  • Select either Customize or Advanced settings

Change the Digit grouping symbol to “.” excluding quotes, or other symbol that does not cause an error. Then apply changes.

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