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Stories from the WIT Trenches: Kendra Little


[This is the third in a series of posts exploring the personal stories of real women in technology. Back in April I wrote a bit about my own history and about the problems, systemic and idiosyncratic, plaguing women who chose a career in most sectors of the tech world. Writing it was surprisingly cathartic, and the response to it was powerful enough to make me want to push it further. Every woman in tech overcame at the very least statistical odds to be here; this blog series aims to find out why, and what they found along the way. To many of you reading, the name Kendra Little may ring a bell. She’s one of the most active voices in the SQL community, and her blog is crammed with tech and workplace wisdom (and amazing illustrations). Her journey to becoming the sole female member of the Fantastic Four is described below. If reading her story inspires you to share yours, please feel free to email me.]

I love data.

I’m a founding partner of Brent Ozar PLF, LLC. We’re a team of consultants who dive in to help clients identify their biggest pain points and prescribe remedies that will work for their environment. Think of us as sports medicine trainers for the database layer—we’re experts at conditioning, recovering from and preventing failures, and helping database systems do more.

I’ve loved to draw since I was a kid. I create art for presentations and posters on topics like Isolation Levels and Table Partitioning. Everyone can download my posters for free from http://BrentOzar.com/go/posters.

1)      Can you take us back to your “eureka!” moment—a particular instance or event that got you interested in technology?

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SQL Blogger Superlatives

When I get into the office each morning, the first thing I do is fire up the ole Google reader and revel in (and tweet about) the bounty of new reading material. In both quantity and quality, the amount of information members of the SQL community share on a regular basis is staggering. As a former full-time blogger?, I know just how much mental effort a well-constructed blog post can demand, and the fact that many bloggers are doing this for free, on top of their not exactly insignificant day jobs, is beyond impressive.  Sooo…where I am going with this? Well, I decided (in a bout of gratitude and high school nostalgia) do write up a superlatives list, yearbook-style. Of course, as I was the sole decider, many of you may disagree with my choices. (And, as my memories of senior year are, um, rather hazy, I may have missed some vital categories.) If so, feel free to let me know in the comments!

And now, without further ado, I present the Superlative SQL Class of 2011!

Most likely to be in a rock band: Thomas La Rock






Life of the party: Brent Ozar





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