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How to Enable Debug Logs on Your Blackberry

Enabling debug logs on a blackberry device can help provide useful information when troubleshooting an issue.

Blackberry Storm

  1. Bring up the keyboard on your home screen by pressing the blackberry key followed by show keyboard.
  2. Hold the 123 button in until you see a small lock icon.
  3. Type in the following sequence “/”/

Other Blackberries (This hasn’t been tested on anything newer then the Curve.)

  1. On the home screen, hold down the ALT key and type the following sequence LGLG

Log display

  1. You can adjust the minimum log level under EventLogger Options by pressing the blackberry key followed by options. You can changing the level in the top drop down box.
  2. While still under EventLogger options, you can filter certain logged events by toggling them on and off.

How to save a copy of the debug log

With the EventLog screen open:

  1. Click the track wheel and select Copy Day’s Contents.
  2. Paste the contents into the body of an email and send the message to yourself.